Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Police are to blame for the death of Susan's children.

I know this is a harsh statement but let's look at the facts. Denise Cox is going public making the statement that if the police had arrested Josh Powell on the forensic evidence, Susan's blood found in the home, the cheesy story Josh gave for her disappearance, the young boy's statement that they went camping with, “ mom in a container".
The amount of life insurance that Josh had out on Susan.
The midnight camping trip, etc.
Then Denise's nephews, Susan’s children would still be alive today.

As a forensic scent evidence expert, I agree with her statement 100%.
I understand the DA's office and the police wanting to be cautious when making a
"No body" case.

But when all the fingers and evidence points that Susan was dead, and that Josh was behind it. He had motive, opportunity, and all the evidence said JOSH WAS INVOLVED. HELLO?

What the DA's office and Police failed to do as far as I know, is not bring in a specially trained forensic scent evidence dog team into Josh's home, vehicle early on in the case. This should be the first thing done after the detectives interview the person who last saw the missing person.

If Josh had transported Susan’s remains as Susan’s young son said his daddy did.
Then the scent evidence search dog would have alerted on Susan's "DEATH" scent in the home and in the vehicle.

Thus giving police Probable Cause to arrest Josh for the death of Susan. Thus the two young boys would still be alive today.

So did the police fail to do their jobs or was it the district attorney who failed to oversee that the police did their jobs correctly?

You decide...

All I can say is I hope that Denise Cox's family attorney calls me to testify.

The jury would love to hear what I have to say about the mishandling of this case.

Mr. Harry Oakes
Forensic Scent Evidence Search Dog Instructor / handler.


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  1. Ignorance and Pride of Law enforcement are all too often at the cost of human life. If only their empathy would dictate their activity.

    Tim Schar.
    K-9 Patrol LLC